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How do I turn on Bluetooth?

If you're looking to use Bluetooth on your iPhone or Android device, we're here to help you get started. Follow these simple steps to ensure Bluetooth is switched on for seamless connectivity with your devices. Please note that these instructions are

Do I have to allow the permission banners?

When an app asks for permission, it's because it needs access to specific features or functionalities. If you choose to deny permission, certain parts of the app may not function properly. For the Sensate app, we kindly request your permission to all

I’m being asked for a PIN number

No PIN is required for pairing Sensate with your phone via Bluetooth. The connection process is designed to be automatic, so you don't need to go through a pairing procedure. Simply ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on your phone, open the Sensate app

Is Sensate Bluetooth safe to use?

Yes, Sensate Bluetooth is safe to use. The Bluetooth Low Energy radio receiver in Sensate emits significantly less energy compared to a mobile phone. It has undergone testing to comply with the CE directive and adheres to safety standards. Bluetooth

Can I use Bluetooth headphones?

Absolutely! You can use Bluetooth headphones with Sensate. Here's how:. 1. Enable Bluetooth on your device. 2. Pair your Bluetooth headphones with your device. 3. Open the Sensate app. 4. Your Sensate device will automatically connect to the app, and