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How do I turn on Bluetooth?

Check that Bluetooth is switched on in iPhone by navigating to Settings > Bluetooth. Each Android device is different, so search for 'Bluetooth' in settings and check the Bluetooth enable setting is switched on.

Bluetooth connection issues

Your Sensate should connect automatically when you turn it on if Bluetooth is enabled. Please note – you should not attempt to pair Sensate with your device and you do not need to enter any code. Make sure that Sensate and your iPhone are close toget

Do I need to enable location services?

Some Android devices ask for permission to use Bluetooth and/or 'Allow' location services so that Sensate can communicate with the app. The app is not tracking your location; this is just required to allow Bluetooth to connect. If you’ve accidentally

I’m being asked for a PIN number when I pair in Bluetooth?

No pin is required. You don’t need to pair Sensate with your phone, Bluetooth connection is automatic. You just need to ensure Bluetooth is on (no pairing), open the app and then start your Sensate. The phone and Sensate should then pair on their own

Is Sensate Bluetooth safe to use?

The Bluetooth Low Energy radio receiver in your Sensate emits much less energy than your mobile phone. Sensate has been tested against the CE directive and conforms to safe standards. Bluetooth Low Energy uses a very small part of the spectrum at an