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Where exactly do I position my Sensate?

Recline and place Sensate on the centre line of your chest bone about 3-4 fingers below the top of the bone (you can feel the notch at the base of your throat where the chest bone starts). Sensate can be used between the breasts and as low as the low

How long can I use Sensate each day?

We suggest a minimum of 10 minutes a day, but many people do several sessions daily. A Sensate session is a great way to start your day or can be done during a work break, and many people use Sensate before bed to help them achieve the best quality d

Do I have to use my headphones?

Sometimes it’s fine to play the soundtracks through your phone or via a speaker whilst wearing Sensate. But a lot of the ‘secret sauce’ in the music only works with headphones on, so you should use headphones for the strongest impact. Some people use

Do I need to charge my device before I use it for the first time?

No. Your Sensate comes pre-charged and will last around a week with daily use. You can re-charge when the light turns yellow/green.

Tips before & after a session

Enjoy these two videos for some quick tips to keep in mind before a session, and on what to expect after a session. Tips before a session. What to expect after a session.