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Common doubts

Where exactly do I position my Sensate?

When it comes to placing your Sensate device, there are a few guidelines to follow for optimal results. To begin, recline and position Sensate on the center line of your chest bone. You can locate this spot by feeling for the notch at the base of you

How long can I use Sensate each day?

We recommend at least 10 minutes a day, but you can do multiple sessions if you'd like. The versatility of Sensate allows you to incorporate sessions at different times of the day. Kickstart your mornings with a refreshing session, setting a positive

Do I have to use my headphones?

Sometimes, it's okay to play the Sensate soundtracks through your phone or a speaker while wearing the device. However, to experience the full impact and get the most out of the "secret sauce" in the music, we highly recommend using headphones. Headp

Do I need to charge my device before I use it for the first time?

No, your Sensate device comes pre-charged and is ready to use right out of the box. With regular daily use, the battery can last approximately a week before needing to be recharged. To know when it's time to recharge your Sensate, keep an eye on the