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Is Sensate right for...?

Wondering if Sensate is the right fit for your unique situation? Explore how Sensate caters to specific needs, like pregnancy, children, PTSD, and more.

How does Sensate work?

Sensate works by synchronizing low frequency near-infrasound via bone conduction on the chest with aural soundscapes in via headphones. We incorporate four separate trade-secret elements into the soundscapes as well as binaural beats on some tracks.

How does it feels like?

Simply place Sensate on your chest bone, and feel the gentle vibrations it creates. These soothing vibes resonate within, bringing a sense of calm and relaxation. It's like a comforting hum spreading through your chest, making you feel at ease. To ma

Is Sensate a medical device?

Sensate is a non-medical device that provides unique benefits to its users. While we can't make specific claims about its effects on certain conditions, thousands of users have shared their positive experiences. They've found it helpful for issues re

Can Sensate help people suffering from PTSD?

For individuals dealing with PTSD, Sensate offers a gentle and soothing experience. Its passive nature allows for deep relaxation without requiring active engagement or stimulation. This can provide a much-needed break from the constant vigilance and

Can Sensate help my HRV score?

By using Sensate, we've observed a significant positive shift in HRV among our users, leading to increased HRV scores. The gentle vibrations and synchronized tracks help induce a state of deep relaxation, supporting the improvement of your HRV. Enhan

Can Sensate be used during pregnancy?

At Sensate, safety is our top priority. As of now, we haven't conducted specific tests regarding Sensate's use during pregnancy. Therefore, we cannot recommend its use for pregnant individuals at this time. We understand the importance of ensuring th

Can Sensate be used by children?

Although Sensate has primarily been tested on adults, we have received positive reports from parents within our community regarding the benefits of Sensate's low-frequency sound vibrations for their young family members. Parents have found that the g

Can Sensate be used by people with impaired hearing?

At Sensate, we bring you a pleasant experience through our main stimulus: low frequency sound delivered directly to your sternum. It's like chanting, creating a soothing sensation that blends harmoniously with the music playing in your headphones. Th

Can Sensate be used by people who are EMF sensitive?

We understand the concerns of individuals with electromagnetic sensitivity (EMF). That's why we collaborated with experts specializing in treating electrically sensitive individuals to develop a product that is well-tolerated by them. Sensate's Bluet

Can Sensate be used by people with metal implants inside the body?

We bring you a unique experience using low frequency sound (near infrasound) delivered through bone conduction on your chest. These gentle vibrations are synchronized with special tracks to tone the nervous system response between your brain and orga

Can Sensate be used by people with an electronic device fitted?

We want to make sure you have the best experience possible. If you have an electronic device like a pacemaker fitted, we kindly advise against using Sensate. Your safety and well-being are crucial to us, and we want to ensure that Sensate aligns with