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We believe in providing accessible relaxation. Discover our referral program. Our goal is to make relaxation a reality for everyone.

Why does Sensate cost $X?

We are passionate about making well-being and profound calm accessible to everyone. We want you to know that we prioritize your accessibility and satisfaction as we continue to improve and refine our offerings. We understand the importance of afforda

Are the discounts cumulative?

The discounts offered for Sensate purchases do not accumulate. Each discount code or promotion is intended for one-time use per purchase. Rest assured that we are constantly exploring new ways to show our appreciation and provide value to our custome

What is your return policy?

At Sensate, we want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. That's why we now offer a return policy within 90 days. If you feel you need more information about how to use your Sensate, you can schedule a call with us. If you find that you