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What is a Sensate Session? Is it not just a track?

A Sensate session is a sophisticated composition of audible frequencies (what we'd call a 'track'  and sub audible frequencies (what we'd call 'vibration'). The vibrational resonance of the Sensate device is intentional and is not simply the lower/ba

Can I just play the tracks in the app? Without the device?

Sensate emits near-infrasound vibrations which are impossible to reproduce with a phone. When positioned on the chest bone, these vibrations are transmitted via bone conduction into the chest cavity. The app alone can offer audio sessions, but these

Can I play my own music?

You could, but we strongly recommend you use the tracks provided in the Sensate app. The infrasound vibrations from Sensate are very carefully orchestrated with the audible music you hear in the headphones. Our S.I.R.T. ™ (Sensate Infrasound Resonanc

Is the app free? Are sessions free?

The app is free to download, and a requirement to run the Sensate sessions. The app includes fourteen free session you can choose from.

Will there be new tracks?

There will be many new sessions coming available over the months. We are working on all kinds of stuff that will be introduced with future updates - stay tuned!