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What devices does the app work with?

To use your Sensate device, you must install the Sensate app on a compatible phone or tablet. The Sensate app is compatible with iOS and most popular Android devices. While we are continuously working to expand device compatibility and improve functi

What is the moving contour icon for, when a track is playing?

This is a breath pacing trainer. The ideal breath rate when meditating is 6 breaths per minute, or one full breath in and out every ten seconds. The ideal ratio for this 10-second breath is 4 seconds breathing in gently and 6 seconds breathing out in

Can I use Sensate in Airplane Mode?

Absolutely. Some people also do this if they are concerned about Wi-Fi for whatever reason (see also ‘Is Bluetooth safe?’). Please also note the below regarding use of Airplane Mode:. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are automatically switched off when you turn o

Can I have the app on more than one phone?

Yes! You can install the app on as many phones as you like, however Sensate can only connect to a single phone at a time, so make sure to fully exit the app when you finish your session and before starting a session on another phone or tablet.