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What devices does the app work with?

To begin your Sensate journey, you'll need to install the Sensate app on a compatible phone or tablet. Rest assured, the app is available for both iOS and most popular Android devices. We are continuously working to expand compatibility and enhance f

Do I have to allow the permission banners?

When an app asks for permission, it's because it needs access to specific features or functionalities. If you choose to deny permission, certain parts of the app may not function properly. For the Sensate app, we kindly request your permission to all

What is the moving contour icon for when a track is playing?

The moving contour icon serves as a breath pacing trainer. It helps you achieve the ideal breath rate for meditation, which is around 6 breaths per minute or one full breath in and out every ten seconds. To achieve this rhythm, follow a specific brea

Can I use Sensate in Airplane Mode?

Absolutely! To ensure an uninterrupted session, we recommend using Airplane Mode or activating the Do Not Disturb feature on your phone. This helps prevent phone calls and app notifications from interrupting your Sensate experience. Keep in mind that

Can I have the app on more than one phone?

Absolutely! You have the freedom to install the Sensate app on multiple phones without any limitations. However, keep in mind that the Sensate device can only connect to one phone at a time. So, when you finish your session on one phone and plan to s