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My device is not vibrating

When you press the 'on-off' button on the Sensate device, It should also light-up blue after lightly pressing it for a few seconds. If amber, please recharge for a couple of hours. Can you feel no vibrations at all, even after loading different track

I can hear a buzz or rattle?

At high Intensity some frequencies will create an audible hum and at full intensity there can be the occasional buzz. If you can hear this with headphones on then please contact us and provide details so we can assess if there is an issue. If there i

How hot should my Sensate get?

After a period of continual use, your Sensate may feel warm, like a mobile phone after a long call. It should, however, not become hot. If this occurs you should stop using Sensate, leave the device switched off, do not connect to the charger, and co

I have more than one Sensate device, can they be used at the same time?

Currently the app will connect to the first Sensate that it finds, so if you are trying to use more than one Sensate at the same time in the same room, you may experience connection issues. We are working to support multiple Sensate devices. If you a