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Can I just play the tracks in the app? Without the device?Updated a year ago

While the Sensate app does offer audio sessions that you can listen to on your phone, it's important to note that the full experience of Sensate is optimized when used with the device itself. The device emits near-infrasound vibrations that cannot be replicated by a phone.

When you place the Sensate device on your chest bone, these vibrations are transmitted through bone conduction into your chest cavity, creating a unique and immersive experience. The app sessions are intentionally designed to complement the device's technology, and without the Sensate hardware, the impact of the sessions will be significantly reduced, by as much as 80%.

So while you can still enjoy the audio sessions on the app alone, to truly experience the full benefits of Sensate, we highly recommend using the device alongside the app. It's the combination of vibrations and audio that creates the transformative experience that Sensate offers.

The Sensate Customer Happiness Team

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