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Do you have an affiliate program?Updated 7 months ago

We do have an affiliate program that might be of interest to you. Let me explain in more detail what we are doing.


Our platform for affiliates helps us streamline any discount code periods and affiliate payouts for commission. We are always excited to work with practitioners who are just as passionate as we are about wellness and who, like you, are in love with Sensate.


Our structure right now is a $25 / £20 discount for your community, and a 10% commission on all revenue, all year round. You will also have a 60-day cookie to record referrals for any customer who clicks through your custom link.


We are happy to set you up on our affiliate platform and get your personalised discount code set up. We need to know the email you’d like to use and the name you want your discount code to have. 

Feel free to chat with us, or write to [email protected]

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