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What is a Sensate Session? Is it not just a track?Updated a year ago

A Sensate session is a sophisticated composition of audible frequencies (referred to as "tracks") and sub-audible frequencies (referred to as "vibration").

The vibrational resonance produced by the Sensate device is intentional and not simply the lower/bass end of the track. We treat the infrasound as a distinct and independent instrument within the overall orchestration. In other words, Sensate's vibration is not solely based on a bass signal from the audio track. Similar to how different sections of an orchestra have their own parts, the infrasound element (below 30Hz) has its own role, intricately synchronized with the audio parts (above 30Hz).

This unique composition allows for a highly personalized experience, as different people may have varying favorite tracks that work best for them. We encourage you to explore the different themes and experiment until you discover your favorite tracks for different times of the day.

Sensate is designed to be a passive user experience, enabling the primordial nervous system to self-regulate. However, it may take time to fully relax and embrace Sensate without any expectations or pre-judgment. It is a process that requires allowing ourselves to unwind and immerse in the Sensate experience.

The Sensate Customer Happiness Team

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