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Can I play my own music?Updated 15 days ago

You can play whatever you prefer, but the vibration accompanies the tracks on the app. We highly recommend using the tracks provided in the Sensate app for the best experience 😊

The infrasound vibrations produced by Sensate are intricately orchestrated with the audible music you hear through the headphones.

Our unique S.I.R.T.™ (Sensate Infrasound Resonance Technology) combines the vibrations from the device with the app's music to create a harmonious soundscape that cannot be replicated by playing regular tracks. The synergy between the vibrations and the music is what makes the Sensate experience truly transformative.

By using the recommended tracks in the Sensate app, you can fully immerse yourself in the intended experience and optimize the benefits that Sensate offers.

The Sensate Customer Happiness Team

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