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Can Sensate be used by people who are EMF sensitive?Updated a year ago

We understand the concerns of individuals with electromagnetic sensitivity (EMF). That's why we collaborated with experts specializing in treating electrically sensitive individuals to develop a product that is well-tolerated by them.

Sensate's Bluetooth Low Energy radio receiver emits significantly less energy than a typical mobile phone, ensuring minimal exposure.

To ensure safety, Sensate has been tested against the CE directive and conforms to safe standards. Our Bluetooth Low Energy technology operates at an extremely low energy level and transmits signals for only a fraction of the time it's turned on. This means there is no constant signal emission, keeping EMF transmissions to a minimum.

It's important to note that Sensate does not stream any data, further reducing potential exposure to electromagnetic frequencies.

We are dedicated to providing a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone!

The Sensate Customer Happiness Team

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