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Can Sensate be used by people with impaired hearing?Updated a year ago

At Sensate, we bring you a pleasant experience through our main stimulus: low frequency sound delivered directly to your sternum. It's like chanting, creating a soothing sensation that blends harmoniously with the music playing in your headphones.

The powerful infrasound vibrations from Sensate can be used alone if you prefer. However, the magic truly happens when you combine the vibrations with the music on your headphones. It's a perfect symphony of relaxation!

Even if you have impaired hearing, worry not! The vibrations alone can still provide significant benefits. You can also listen to the tracks without activating the vibrations, or feel the vibration without wearing headphones.

In our clinics, we've witnessed a remarkable positive shift in HRV (heart rate variability). So no matter your hearing ability, everyone can benefit from Sensate's calming vibrations.

The Sensate Customer Happiness Team

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