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Can Sensate help people suffering from PTSD?Updated a year ago

For individuals dealing with PTSD, Sensate offers a gentle and soothing experience. Its passive nature allows for deep relaxation without requiring active engagement or stimulation. This can provide a much-needed break from the constant vigilance and hyperarousal associated with PTSD.

Stefan Chmelik, our Founder & CEO, shares his insights: "I use Sensate with trauma patients. It's unique because it's entirely passive and can be used with eyes closed. This approach is less likely to trigger hypervigilance in individuals who are hyperaroused, including those with PTSD."

Remember, Sensate is not a standalone treatment for PTSD. It's important to seek professional support and follow a comprehensive treatment plan. Sensate can be a valuable complementary tool to enhance overall well-being for individuals living with PTSD.

While everyone's experience may be different, Sensate's calming approach has brought comfort and tranquility to many.

The Sensate Customer Happiness Team

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