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How does Sensate work?Updated 9 months ago

Sensate works by synchronizing low frequency near-infrasound via bone conduction on the chest with aural soundscapes in via headphones. We incorporate four separate trade-secret elements into the soundscapes as well as binaural beats on some tracks. The infrasound content is totally unique and incorporates multi-frequency resonance.

Sensate's main stimulus is low frequency sound direct to the sternum to create a very pleasant sensation that is similar to chanting, which combines with the music in the headphones. In clinic we have observed a significant HRV positive shift. 

The Sensate taps directly into the primal part of the nervous system to relax you in the moment and improve your stress resilience over time. It emits near-infrasound vibrations and when positioned on the chest bone, these vibrations are transmitted via bone conduction, stimulating the vagus nerve.

The Sensate is simple to use anywhere. Find a comfortable place to lie down, put your headphones on and turn on the Sensate. Choose a session in the app and allow yourself to be relaxed by the immersive experience.

We suggest a minimum of 10 minutes a day, but many people do several sessions daily. A sensate session is a great way to start your day or can be done during a working break, and many people use Sensate before bed to help them achieve the best quality sleep.

The Sensate Customer Happiness Team

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