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Sensate Plus - Overview

Your Sensate device already provides 14 different amazing sessions. but by joining Sensate Plus, you’ll receive two new sessions every month. These sessions will include guest artists, 4D compositions and much more!. (note: Sensate Plus is currently

What happens if I later cancel my subscription?

If you cancel, unfortunately you'll loose access to the session marked as plus, and the upcoming ones. You will still have had the chance to enjoy these extra sessions... and our core offering of 14 session is still amazing. :)

How much does it cost? Why?

Sensate Plus costs $49.99 / year. If you have been a Sensate users for sometime, and didn't receive our 'thanks for your support' offer please reach out to us!

How do I redeem my code? (iOS only)

If you received a code to subscribe to Sensate Plus, you have two options to redeem it... 1. Redeem code within the app. We recommend you first try out this path... 2. Redeem code via de App Store. If the instructions didn't work, you can always rede