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Bluetooth Connection issues

I can't connect my Sensate

To ensure a seamless connection between your Sensate device and your phone, follow these simple steps:. 1. Turn on Bluetooth on your phone. Sensate should connect automatically if Bluetooth is enabled. 2. It's important to note that you don't need to

My Sensate is nos connecting on iOS

Here are the steps to follow:. 1. Make sure your Sensate pebble is switched off. Open the Sensate app on your iPhone. 2. If you see a message saying "Bluetooth is switched off," go to iPhone Settings > Privacy > Bluetooth > Sensate and Settings > Blu

My Sensate is not connecting on Android

If your Sensate is not connecting on Android, consider the following:. 1. The Sensate device doesn't support pairing, so avoid trying to "pair" it in the phone or tablet settings. Instead, forget the device in settings, then restart your device. 2. S